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Navigating the treacherous waters where business, work, life and faith often collide.
The dynamics of business life and personal life may often be in tension.  But they need not be in opposition.  And they certainly needn’t be separated by an uncrossable chasm.

There are two domains in life where you often find both the greatest joys and satisfactions, as well as the greatest trials and grief.

Your business or work domain.  And your personal domain.

You may refer to them by familiar duos such as – work and family…business and life…personal and professional…faith and work – to name a few.

Unfortunately, they tend to be organized in dichotomy fashion..usually one pitted against the other.

One in tension with the other.

And much too often, one in opposition to the other – scuffling and competing for time, attention and resources.

Ironically…all between the same two ears (a.k.a. your mind).

After awhile, we grow callous to their bickering and resign ourselves to living with unspoken (yet distracting) conflicts that defy resolution.

At best we learn how to compensate by muffling, minimizing, or dispensing with their tension.  If anything to keep our sanity and our jobs and often both.

Trying to keep everybody happy becomes the theme that rules your life, with guilt reduction unwittingly becoming a core value.

The strategies we use to do that are varied.  From self-talk to denial, balance to budgeting, training to personal discipline, binging to scandal.

Some strategies will lead to solutions, while others will lead to setbacks.

Some can even lead to disaster.

Even the most time honored strategies such as time management, personal discipline, and organization can fail to provide relief.

And it’s really no wonder.

We put them all in a darkened room and demand they work things out, with little understanding of ‘why’ or ‘how’ to approach things from an integrated perspective.

So we’re left with two competing agendas in one chaotic mind growing in despair at the lack of effective ways to make them play well together in the sand box.

Even the best of strategies can fail in that kind of environment.

There are certain situations where these dynamics are especially acute.

  • The small family business, with its dual roles, emotional complexities, and contentious future
  • Where transitions are imminent or have been made, be they in careers, companies or company.
  • Where there is no organizing structure to live and work by
  • When what we are doing simply is not working and the losses are mounting and we’re too humiliated to admit it
  • When we are burned out, checked out, or put out
  • Where there is conflict between those we must live with, love with, or work with every day
  • When you know in your heart there has to be something bigger and better out there for you to contribute, along with its commensurate rewards.
  • When getting things done and achieving goals is a continually elusive thing, regardless of how hard you try.
  • When you feel like your work world and your personal life are so alien to one another, you feel like a split personality, and lack a sense of cohesion in life.
  • Where there is a crisis of faith with uncertainty about who you are, and what it’s all about

In each of these, simplistic and single sided solutions of a specialist are not helpful.  Problem is, the advice and counsel we find is often specialized in an area of life that gives scant attention to all the others.Managers and mentors see only one aspect of you.

Managers and mentors see only one aspect of you.  Counselors or pastors might see another.  Engineers and MBA’s see largely the systems.  Friends are going to mainly just see you.

Rarely are the challenges so simplistic.  So rarely should the solutions be.

Sometimes there is need of a generalist approach that can see the forest and the trees, that understands the intersection from a distance and can help change traffic patterns to unclog the rush hour of chaos.

That is what this site is about, because it reflects my life-long journey in the midst of the very things I’m describing.

In this site you’ll be introduced to The Business Personal GPS – a framework for handling two opposing agendas in one chaotic life.

Because regardless from what perspective you find yourself…business is personal.

Preparation can take you far.

Practice can take you even further.

But a little perspective can take you the distance.

Business Personal