3 Stress-Busting Mindsets of Effective Leaders.

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As an engineering student during the heyday of the US Space Shuttle program, I learned some valuable leadership lessons as we studied the program. For example, the shuttle was designed with two key stress events in mind – maximum aerodynamic stress during ascent, and maximum thermodynamic stress during re-entry. If something would go bad wrong, […]

If you want a future of any kind, you bring it into the present by working ON your present.  Working on your present is really the only way you can ever work on your future. Because all you have at the moment…is your present.


Beautifully Off-Key

I visited a church recently.  As the service began, I quickly became annoyed by the woman right behind me.  It was her singing – which sounded like an alien whale sipping on a vinegar slushy.  And it was right in my ear.  I really don’t know if she was tone deaf because she never stayed […]

10 Strategies for Rejuvenating Vacations

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One of my favorite movies is Vacation with Chevy Chase.  We have been the Griswold’s on more than one occasion with the unreasonable expectations, family qwerks and memorable experiences – some good and some not. Each year I make mental notes of what to do and what not to do next time.  And each year I repeat many of the vacation […]