3 Leadership Skills Only Learned the Hard Way

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Some lessons and skills can only be learned the hard way. Making sure the projector bulbs work before that big presentation is one. Withholding your wardrobe opinions with your wife is another. Making sure you bring your phone charger on a trip another. There are also a few serious lessons that effective leaders must learn […]

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The Knoxville Leadership Roundtable

5 Disciplines of Tool Savvy Managers.

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In the classic hit comedy “Home Improvement”, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor is the unassuming though accident-prone tool ‘expert’ on a “how to” show whose main punchlines often involve klutsey ‘fails’. I can identify.  I’m really not a handyman. Changing the light bulbs at the top of our stairs requires – in my experience – mountain climbing gear plus a quick check […]