4 Leadership Disciplines for Finishing Strong!

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With two months remaining in 2014 we are coming into the home stretch of what has been a year with whom many would describe their relationship as “it’s complicated.” For some business leaders it’s been the best of times. For others it’s been the worst of times. But it’s not over yet. There are still […]

10 Commandments for Successful Entrepreneurs

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I know that look. It’s a combination of fatigue and alarm. My friend had come from another day of fighting in the trenches of marketplace warfare. The customer demands, cash limitations, staffing challenges, technical glitches, along with ‘life’ (though technically entrepreneurs don’t have lives) begged for couch time, beach time or both.

What Top Professionals Know That Amateurs Seem To Forget

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There is an old proverb that says ‘The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing.’ The significance of this pithy jewel is well known to those in the agriculture industry. Plowing in the autumn enriches the soil making way for a good yield in the next crop. […]

What Top Talent Wants From Every Employer

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A client recently made an offhand comment about a former employer that I found amusing and sad at the same time. In discussing strategies for recruiting and selecting top talent, he quipped about the challenge that business faced in finding talent period.  He said half the qualified people in the local market had previously worked […]