7 Radical Principles for Strategic Planning

leadership development, time management, how to set goals, how to prioritize

Something strange happens this time of year. All over the world organizations and individuals are giving thought to their future, and future plans are being made. Many of these are labeled ‘Strategic Plans’. They are pontificated, debated, created, validated, edited, and circulated. And then this is where the strange part comes in. They are filed. It’s not unlike […]

5 Ways Leaders Say No in Yes Kinds of Ways

effective communication, time management, management tips, how to prioritize

Saying no requires a particular kind of skill, because an effective business leader can’t always be a “yes man” (or woman). Obviously, a CEO can’t give the thumbs up to every raise request, every idea and every client demand that comes across her desk. If she does, she’s not really running the show, but rather […]