Three Ways Effective Leaders Battle Resistance

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Three weeks into a new year the pathways to yonder goals are littered with stranded wayfarers who have fallen off the new years resolution wagon. Many turn back to their places of comfort. Others will stumble along the path for some time still. Some may even try to run and catch back up. For most, […]

“The way you build momentum is by getting something done and then moving on to the next thing. No one likes to be stuck on an endless project with no finish line in sight. Being in the trenches for nine months and not having anything to show for it is a real buzzkill. Eventually it just burns you out. To keep your momentum and motivation up, get in the habit of accomplishing small victories along the way. Even a tiny improvement can give you a good jolt of momentum.”

Excerpt From: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. “Rework.”