8 Traits of an Effective CEO Group

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As a leader, have you ever committed to something you regretted within days? Only to find a graceful exit more complicated than you’d like? Most local business leaders belong to a number of organizations. Civic groups, social organizations, professional associations, networking groups, charitable boards, school and religious committee’s to name a few. There are many […]

SXSW: What I Learned From a Conference I Didn’t Actually Attend

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The returns are coming in from #SXSW15 (South by Southwest 2015) – the annual gathering of creatives, techies, brainies, groupies, suits, hippies, and puppies (see inset). And that’s just for starters. As a very present gathering of very future oriented thinkers, SXSW does not disappoint in affirming that we live in an ‘all swim’ age […]

How Effective Leaders Create Healthy Meeting Cultures

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Most of us have a love/hate relationship with meetings. A few really weird people like them. They often grow up to become CEO’s. I find myself leaning towards the perspective of Dave Barry whose unintended leadership quote went something like: “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has […]

My Greatest Leadership Training: a MomBA

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I have many great memories of my mom. She was an educator and administrator by profession, and clearly a teacher and mentor at heart. She cared immensely about helping people learn how to learn, and connected with them in ways that made learning transformational as opposed to merely academic. Many of the basic lessons of […]

How to Stay in Business for 70 Years or More

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If there were a business equivalent of six pack abs, one such flat belly might surprise you. Dunkin’ Donuts.* I know. Using “six pack abs” and “donuts” in the same sentence is a little strange. But regardless of how Dunkin’ fits within your health regimen, this brand has maintained a fitness level that is legendary. […]