The Reason Problems Are Usually Not The Problem

One of the traits that distinguishes effective leaders from their ineffective counterparts is their capacity to see differences and conflicts not as problems but as opportunities.  Afterall, those two things are common in every work environment.  

It’s how differences and conflicts are managed that really matters.

Knowing the behavioral and motivational patterns of yourself and those you work with is essential for establishing healthy methods of handling conflicts and differences.  If you don’t know these things about yourself, you likely don’t understand them about the people you work with.  And conflicts and differences could drain the ever loving lifeblood from your team or organization.

Why We Must Stop Focusing on Greatness

And Start Doing Things That Reflect It

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In our day’s work journey toward corporate greatness (even if your work is at home) I find one recurring challenge that is the proverbial fly in the ointment. We the people have to deal with us the humans. It’s like a friend sometimes joked – “this job would be fun if it weren’t for the people.”  He […]

3 Effective Principles for Re-Entry After a Vacation

From Cold Start to Contagious Productivity

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As the sun rises on your first workday of 2016 the hope and promise of a new year is staring us right in the face. Many of us are coming off an extended holiday with much in the way of food, fun, family and various work-avoidant activities. Re-entry can be tough. Especially after an extended […]