About Brad

Let's begin with one simple premise.

Every Top Professional...
...Has A Coach.

Peyton Manning     -     Bill Gates     -     The Beatles.


If you do business on any level.
Large Organization or Living Room.
Take Note.

A little preparation can take you far.

A little practice can take you even further.

But it's perspective that will take you the distance.

That's what this site is all about.

I help thoughtful leaders - people just like you - DEVELOP and THRIVE in the redemptive purposes of their life, work and business.

Which would you like to talk about?

Develop My Business
Develop My Business

The strategies, structures and systems you need to develop any type of business, regardless of size.

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Team Development regardless of roles, temperaments and history.  Because culture trumps strategy.

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Develop My Career & Leadership
Develop My Career & Leadership

The right combination of relationship and task focus according to my unique gifts and experiences.

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Develop My Faith
Develop My Faith

Because just like your cell phone...leave this at home and you'll feel lost all day.

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It's what I write about.

And it's been all throughout my rather eclectic world of work.

I have quite an eclectic background.  If I try to summarize it all in a simple resume, the words will probably end up fighting each other!

Where do I begin? Well, I have always been a tinkerer and a natural-born problem-solver from a young age. That's why I ended up studying to become an engineer. I received both my Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering degrees from the University of Kentucky (Go, Wildcats!).

After graduation, I spent ten fruitful years working with IBM before moving to Knoxville, TN in the summer of 1994. That was when I was given the golden opportunity to lead business development for a Motorola technology startup that eventually went on to have a successful IPO on the NASDAQ Exchange.

It was definitely a challenging part of my career, but it was an amazing chance for me to mature and hone my leadership and management skills.

Over the next ten years I was involved in several entrepreneurial ventures that reached varying degrees of success. I left the world of high technology to start a company that designed and imported of architectural art glass from China in the fall of 2000. During this time, I worked with some of the foremost designers of art glass in the United States, and I was able to really learn and immerse myself in this industry. It also afforded me the chance to travel extensively throughout Asia, and I ended up growing deep family ties to Vietnam, in particular (two of my daughters are from Soc Trang and Danang).

In the third decade of my career I decided to heed a different call as I entered full time ministry.  Between my time as an elder, and then as a pastor for my church, my sense of call was (and still is) to help people discover a redemptive purpose in their lives and to find fulfillment in working in "the other six days" of the week.  Now as an executive business coach and writer, I have the honor and privilege to advise and help business owners, management teams and entrepreneurs find focus, create fresh opportunities, and successfully grow their businesses and careers using a model I developed called Create Business Breakthroughs. And as part of my passion to help people by sharing my insights, I enjoy regularly publishing blog posts that are read and appreciated by thousands of business leaders worldwide.

On a more personal note, I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart and the love of my life, Judy, shortly after high school. Since then, we've been blessed with five children and six grandchildren to date! My wife and I run a small 'mom-n-pop’ boutique retail shop in the Farragut community of Knoxville, TN.  Though my interests are as varied as the trinkets we sell at our little shop, the mountains of East TN and my contemplative nature seem to conspire together to let me indulge in reading and writing whenever the opportunity presents itself.

You may reach out to me via email at brad@bradhobbs.com.


Business Breakthroughs
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
For business owners, entrepreneurs and their management teams.
Breakthrough Selling
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Anyone can sell. So long as you sell according to your natural relational style.
Behaviors and Motivators
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For Hiring. For Professional Development. For Team Development For Conflict Management. For Success.
Leadership Development
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Management Leadership Training the is practical, actionable and insightful. On location with customized modules.
Hire Well
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The Harvard Business Review estimates the cost of a wrong hiring decision is 2.5X salary IF rectified within 6 months. Stack the odds in your favor.
2016 Business Review
Create Business Breakthroughs
A look at your core business strategies and systems and how they are performing toward your 2016 goals.

If you'd like to work with me...

I work with corporate clients selectively in on-site client training and coaching engagements.  To talk with Brad directly about such an arrangement for your organization, send an email to brad@bradhobbs.com.

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