How to Survive Startup Vertigo

Systems to the Rescue


I’ve been in somewhat of a sales slump lately. It began when I shifted my coaching practice to a predominantly online business model.   To be honest I’ve enjoyed making and taking the time to write and create.  It’s one of those necessary ‘must do’ kinds of work for me – life giving and gratifying. […]

What Season is Your Business In?

How to flourish in each season that comes your way.

Most areas of the continental US enjoy parts of every season. One of the reasons we enjoy Knoxville so much is the robust sampling of each. Often by the end of one season, we begin to be ready for the next. For example right about now the thought of a weekend in the mid-90’s is […]

How to Boss-Up Without Being Bossy

A Vital Skill For Management Effectiveness

Elizabeth’s anger and frustration were apparent.  It was also justifiable.  A few employees had just been discovered taking small liberties with inventory.  They were using very poor judgement at best and stealing at worst. The team members worked hard and brought a lot to the business.  So the gravity of the moment pulled heavily on Elizabeth, and she […]

One Way Your Sales Process Could Leave a Bitter Aftertaste

Two purchases I made recently reminded me of an important sales dynamic.  One that even the best of sales processes can sometimes neglect. Both purchases were things I needed at some point in time.  Yet neither purchase was one I had been looking to make right then.  There were simply other more pressing matters on […]

5 Reasons to Leave Pokemon Go Out of Your Marketing Plan – At Least For Now

Especially if You Own a Retail Business

This one is for my friends in retail.  And just to be safe, for anyone who might be tempted to let fads drive your business development strategy. I’ll warn you this content may register high on snark, cynicism and verbal spiciness.  It’s that kind of post. I don’t mean to sound cooler than I really […]

The Case for Thinking Small

Taking lofty concepts and communicating them is not easy these days.

It can take me years to ponder and formulate deep ideas about leadership, spirituality and entrepreneurship.  It can take like never for others to understand and agree with them.

Deep ideas are important to our world, laden with shallow soundbites.

But maybe the soundbite culture forces us to chunk our idea icebergs into small usable pieces of conceptual drips.  The content can still be there, but it won’t look as majestic to others as it does in our minds.

For marketers, change agents and entrepreneurs that might be enormously useful.

Maybe sometimes it really is best to think small.

Measure BOTH of these if you really want to know how your business is performing.

On the value of activity as well as results

business building, mindset, activities and outcomes, KPI, entrepreneurship, team building

I love weekends in the fall. Aside from colorful foliage here in East Tennessee, fall weekends give us football! I actively follow two college teams and two NFL teams. This past weekend one of my college teams won. And one lost. One of my NFL teams won. And one lost. According to those outcomes, it […]