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Good words are like mental protein. It’s a good idea to have a sufficient daily intake of them.

But in a world of declining attention spans, how are meaningful and important ideas and concepts ever to be conveyed?

Probably still using simple words and sentences.

With one exception.

Many of those words will be assisted by pictures.

Long ago pictures were used to write where words were not accessible.  Hieroglyphics is one good example.  Emoji are another.

Pictures are multipliers of words.  Non-scientific estimates have been as high as a thousandfold.  They are to concepts what fertilizer is to corn.  In the same space, the yields can be noticeably greater.

We’ll need pictures if we are to feed a growing world population of diverse and often confused minds with meaningful words and ideas.

But there is one important caveat.

Sometimes the best pictures are the ones formed in our minds as we thoughtfully read good words.

And so while our culinary preferences might be for pictures, good mental nutrition requires a steady diet of words.

Consumed in well-written sentences, they will provide the succulent meals of important ideas that nourish the mind, encourage the heart, and inspire us to do the work to which we are called.

A good word can give us a lot to chew on.


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