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Monday mornings remind me of an important vocational reality – our very capacity to work is a God-given grace.

Our focus, attention, drive and ambition, the wisdom and skill, motivation and opportunities – all of it coming at his creative, sustaining hand and for His sovereign purposes.

If there was one thing that I see as most beneficial to the start of each day, it’s the ordering of our minds to recognize, embrace, and share this incredible grace.

Whatever we lay our heart, mind and hands to doing is not for our grandeur but for the benefit of others and the redemption of this world.

So the best way to meet the day is to pull up the anchor of your anxieties in order to let the wind of God’s grace carry you through the choppy and wild seas of the office, the factory, the store, the clinic, the classroom, and the fields.

Just in the act of expending your energy and gifts for the benefit of another – be it customer, boss, patient, student, co-worker or stranger – there is value to be offered by you and you alone.

It’s the most immediate way to be missional in our work – simply doing what we do with it being about others, and not about ourselves.

Everyday at work is actually an opportunity to love. Pull up anchor, put up the sails and let Him show you the supply of grace that will be sufficient.

Make Life Count