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I’ve been in somewhat of a sales slump lately.

It began when I shifted my coaching practice to a predominantly online business model.  

To be honest I’ve enjoyed making and taking the time to write and create.  It’s one of those necessary ‘must do’ kinds of work for me – life giving and gratifying.

But it’s an altogether different business model from what I’m used to.

When Tech Becomes Distracting

It doesn’t help that there are a lot of fascinating moving parts to the online business world.  Enough to keep this engineer brain distracted for hours tinkering with tools in my tech stack.

There are so many possibilities nowadays.  It creates what I have sometimes heard called the vertigo of freedom.  Having so many cool, innovative possibilities can make it incredibly difficult to settle in on one with which to conduct business.

Yet ultimately my cool tech stack won’t remain fun if it doesn’t produce what it was meant to produce.

Real Business Revenue

As with any business, at some point, you’ve gotta figure out a business model to generate cash.  Not just any cash.  Profitable cash.  The kind you get to keep and reinvest in the business or buy a boat.

As I’ve grappled with this issue over the past year, it reaffirmed the importance of systems and processes, even in a young startup venture.

Good Process Leads to Good Outcomes

They may not always be precisely the outcomes you planned for.  But they will be good outcomes.

But where there is no process, there are is rarely good outcomes in the business world.

It’s Never Too Late

It’s never too early to begin establishing good systems and processes for a business venture.

The way I’m trudging through this business evolution I find myself in is by systematizing everything I can and setting aside the rest.  Even my creative time.  I find that if I don’t systematically write to create something publishable, I essentially am just journaling to myself. 

Which is all well and good.  I’m a journaling fanatic.

But my ambition remains to write and create to help others.  To bring value to their world of business, work and life in general.

So here’s to the systems. The routines.  The processes.  Those sometimes mundane things that are definable, repeatable and transferable and do most of the heavy lifting in this world.

May we never forget the order you bring to the universe and to our lives.  And to all the ways business is done well.

I’m counting on you to help me build this next business I’m creating.


Make Life Count