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Manifestos have played a significant role in history.

Most of them we don’t even know as a manifesto.  We may not even be sure of what a manifesto is.

Simply put, a manifesto is a point of view, a set of beliefs, an envisioned future, along with the obstacle and remedies most likely to be on the path to that envisioned future.  All this in writing, of course.

Manifestos can have an unusually provocative influence on our thinking.  Some for audacious purposes such as the Declaration of Independence.  Some for unsavory purposes such as Main Kempf. And still others with unwavering spiritual insight such as the Christian Gospel.

A quick review of manifesto examples herehere and here will help you get on board with their kind and their potential.

There’s something about the intentionality and cohesion of a manifesto that gives them a particular weight.  Consequently, the gestation period for a good manifesto is usually measured in years, not weeks.

Writing a manifesto is not a quick exercise.  Yet most of us have what amounts to a manifesto forming inside of us.

The Value of Ordered Thinking

Writing a manifesto helps order our thinking.  It can help congeal what we believe and why.  It helps us to know what we think, why we think what we think, and project that thinking toward an envisioned future that would impact more than just ourselves.

Such ordered thinking could be a timely commodity in a world of politically intense sound bites and endless rhetoric.

It’s one thing to shout sound bites at one another.  It’s a very different thing to have thoroughly developed thoughts, ideas, ideals, and remedy’s from which we could write a manifesto if asked.

Words that illuminate, communicate and sustain a dream, a vision, a resolution, a revolution, or some expressed outcome that add redemptive value to a needy world.  These are the active ingredients in a manifesto.

I’m in the process of writing one.  It’s been incubating for years. Hopefully, we’ll see it taking shape sometime soon. Where it goes from there, we shall see.

Make Life Count