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As some of you know, I recently conducted an experiment on Facebook whereby I asked my community what they felt was a unique ability or “superpower” that I possess.

The idea came about through a book I’m reading this week by Pat Flynn called “Will It Fly.”  It’s a business book about validating potential business ideas.  This particular exercise so resonated with me, that I knew I would want to incorporate it into my coaching practice.  And if I was going to serve it up to others, I needed to eat it first myself.

So I put it out there.  Here’s a clip from the post.

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But I have to admit it was a bit awkward.

Not reading the comments.  They were wonderfully affirming and life-giving.  In fact I might encourage you to do the same exercise at some point.  You can even copy/paste the question as I put it.

What was awkward was the asking.  It felt a tad narcissistic and self-absorbed.  And by my age (eh, over 40) a guy should pretty much have a handle on this.  Fortunately there were no surprises in the feedback.  It confirmed what I suspected those that knew me well might say. 

My superpowers can be described as insight with people and sense of humor.

Not always in that order.

Admittedly, a part of me was disappointed.  Because it would have been cool if they had been something more like business brilliance and political savviness.  I knew I wouldn’t get hot and sexy.  Those years are long…well actually I never really had those years.  It’s just that all of the Marvel characters seem able to save the earth with great power and poise.

I listen well and make people laugh.

But you know what?  I’m good with that.  In fact I feel rather blessed to possess those particular superpowers, even though they might come in a size Small S-Jersey.

And even though it felt middle-schoolish, I think it’s a worthy grown-up exercise.  It might be worth you putting it out there to do the same.

It’s a grown-up question for everyone to ponder and to make peace with.  Especially since everyone has a unique set of superpowers that they bring to this earth.

So I’m going to do a blog series on the topic.  Little by little unpacking my observations and experiences on what we might call our superpowers.  In the process I hope readers will gain some fresh insights and renewed hope for the role they play in your life and the lives of those around you.

I also hope to convince you that every one of us has a unique superpower or two that seasons and empowers all of who we are, what we do, and the value we bring to others.

I’ll begin today simply by offering my definition of a Superpower – it’s a uniquely endowed talent which you possess that is the fruit of nature, nurture, choices, gifts, experiences and the full gamut of what in my world  paradigm are God-breathed touches to your life.

Superpowers – your uniquely endowed talents that are the fruit of nature, nurture, choices, gifts and experiences – all a function of God-breathed touches to your life.

Whether you’re discovering them for the very first time, or having them reaffirmed for the 22nd time, there is something encouraging, empowering and enlightening about embracing your superpowers.

If you would like to follow my Superpower Series more closely including some of my behind the scenes musings and connections to future Superpower Resources, just let me know by providing your first name and email below.

In the meantime, what do you think?  What would you say your superpowers might be?  Please let us hear from you in the comments below.

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