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For close to 30 years I’ve had an early morning routine of reading, journaling, prayer and contemplation.  It is my go-to disposition, my place of mindful and spiritual repose.

The Christian bible has been the centerpiece of that morning feast most of that time.  One would think by now I would have a certain level of mastery of these glorious words.

But quite the opposite I many days feel a sense of wonder and illumination on matters that I’ve studied many times before – sometimes like I’m reading them for the first time.  Sometimes that is as exciting as a young couple discovering their new love.  But many times also it is as frustrating as a prospector late to the creek.

And so this little gem that I came across just this morning helped me put it all in perspective once again – just as a mentoring word from someone who had sat in my seat before me…and thought it worthy to be shared with you as well.

the Bible is not a lazy man’s book, nor can it be soundly expounded by those who do not devote
 the whole of their time, and that for years, to its prayerful study. It is not that God would bewilder 
us, but that He would humble us, drive us to our knees, make us dependent upon His Spirit. Not to the 
proud — those who are wise in their own esteem — are its heavenly secrets opened.” – AW Pink

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