A part of becoming an extraordinary leader is having access to extraordinary tools.
Think of this page as a tool shed containing tools to help you do great work.   It will change as tools change, so you’ll want to bookmark it for future reference.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links – meaning I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you should you decide to make a purchase.  I am recommending them because they have been helpful to me or my clients in achieving our goals, not because the small commissions will allow me to retire to my own private island if you decide to make a purchase.

Productivity and Workflow

MacBook Pro

First off, I finally made the leap over to the other side just two years ago.  Ever since my IBM days I had been fascinated by this artsy Mac stuff.  But wow…there really has been a tangible difference in productivity and creative freedom with the Mac approach to the world. It took me awhile to get used to the new keystrokes and command structure.  But my fingers have adapted well, and my brain loves me for having taken this bold step.


If the MacBook Pro became my new productivity religion, Evernote has become my new church.  It fits my information collection hobby to the tee!  To the point where - with Skitch - I spend way too much time gathering into Evernote than I should.
Evernote is a digital filing cabinet, bulletin board, desktop pile, whiteboard, and construction paper w/crayons all rolled into one.  It’s where I go first in the morning.  Where I keep my journal.  Where I organize my workflow.  And just recently, I learned of the ability to publish into my blog from Evernote.  


This is my list manager.  Not just for tasks either.  In fact I have more Nozbe items that are ideas for the future than I do to-do's for the present.  Whenever I have a brain quake, I pull up nozbe on my phone and type or dictate it straight in.  I’ll then file it into the appropriate category when convenient.
The Nozbe blog also has a good collection of productivity ideas as well.


I just recently started using Asana for managing my sprints - my one to two week actionable mini-projects that help me step toward my goals.




Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint

This are the two remaining tools I use from the Microsoft suite.  I was just too familiar with them to change to the Apple equivalents of Pages, Numbers and Keynote.  They do basically the same, so I remain neutral on recommending one over the other.  


ConvertKit and Mailchimp



An amazing tool that makes writing systems for your business simple.  It also allows you to easily add images, video and a variety of media tools to clearly outline a process.
If you would like a FREE 28 DAY TRIAL, email me at brad@bradhobbs.com and I’ll arrange a special Guest Userid and Password.  NOTE:  This offer is not available through the SweetProcess website, but only as a guest of bradhobbs.com.