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Today I turn 55.  And it has been bugging me for the past week

Fifty-five is when things begin to happen to people.  From the eyes to the toes, to parts in between, things seem to lose some of their youthfulness.

It’s the age when the government considers you a senior citizen.  I don’t know if that is true of all governments, but it’s ok so long as you like pancakes.

IHOP Restaurants offer a 55-plus menu with smaller portions and lower prices.  It’s not clear to me how much bacon you get with it, though.  

A Whole New World

There’s a whole new world out there for 55-year-olds!

But while I appreciate the gestures, I don’t necessarily enjoy the implications.

There is a point when the years that we have behind us are more numerous that the ones ahead of us.  

It becomes a time to double down to make life count.

I have imagined living to a ripe old age.  But even my imagination doesn’t go to 110.  Besides, who seriously wants to be considered ripe.  Old is bad enough.

Life In The Fast Lane

At this age, many will grapple with their careers and lives in ways that can become confusing at least, and be threatening at worst.  The impulse is to renegotiate life and try walking it back a decade or so.  The least it could do is try slowing down.  It does seem to be driving a bit fast through the neighborhood.

When I was in ministry, I recall having coffee with a 50-something church member who had lost his job.  As we talked we unpacked the ominous reality of being 55 and unemployed. It was a conversation that stayed with me, and in a way holds a sense of prophetic foreshadowing for where I find myself today.

A Viable Career Paradigm

I’m a self-employed entrepreneur.  A Solopreneur.  At first glance, it appears the same as being unemployed.  Except that, you pay out the ear hairs in taxes.  

I eat what I kill.  There is no paycheck.  No benefits.  No pension.  No vacation. No expense account.  No corporate retreats.  No guarantees.  No security.  

Other than that,though, it’s a really good gig! 

Mission Enjoyable

To be honest, I enjoy my work more than I ever have.  And I feel a certain missional sense about what I’m doing that is a God-breathed next step in His little-at-a-time calling upon my life.

I believe it might well be the most pragmatic career paradigm for anyone who is nearing the hinterlands of the double-nickel class.

You may not even have to leave your current job to get there. 

Mindset Becomes Everything

As in so many things in life, it begins with how you chose to think about things.  Seniorpreneurship, as I’ve heard some refer to it, is a mindset as much as anything.

How we chose to think about our work, our options, opportunities and possibilities begins – that’s right – in our minds.  From there it can expand the universe of viable options for business, work, and life.  It also illuminates all the ways we can contribute and bring value to this world.

Since I like to have multiple blogging projects in motion at one time, if you would be interested in following along with me while I unpack some of these things myself, I’d love to have you along.

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Make Life Count