7 Make-or-Break Steps to an Actionable Strategic Plan

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One of the many bloggers that I follow is John Jantsch, whose Duct Tape Marketing often provides helpful insights on marketing for the small business community.  He holds this spot-on perspective about strategic planning and small business – saying “…small business owners would love to have a three-year and five-year plan, but the reality is we often […]

3 Ways to Handle The Messy Middle of Conflict

Guiding Principles for Leadership Effectiveness

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Each time I teach on the subject of conflict I learn something new.  Life is full of case studies. At a recent client session with a management team I began with a “checkered flag/yellow flag” exercise where everyone shares a victory and a caution within their area of the business.  To the person, all of […]

Two Must-Have Types of Motivation Every Employee Craves

And Why the Carrot and Stick Fall Short.

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One of the things I sometimes see in my coaching practice is a poor grasp of how people are motivated to do what needs to be done in the business.  As a result, business leaders can sometimes have a single threaded way of “motivating” their team members that can actually be de-motivating at best, and downright […]

3 Strategies For Winning Your Business Race

And avoiding defeat in your competitors race.

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I’m not an avid cyclist, but I do enjoy an occasional ride. However I really love tracking the Tour de France. Just the thought of 2,200 miles over 21 day-long segments is inspiring. Especially given that less than half of those segments are on flat terrain.  The majority are either hilly, mountainous, or high-altitude. See…I didn’t even know there […]

What To Do When The Demands Overwhelm The Work

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Recently my wife had one of those days in her business where the demands of customers, employees, vendors, and daughters reached a crescendo of overwhelm.  Like dogs at the kennel, several urgent matters blended into a reverberating chorus of barks. It was then she did what any normal, healthy entrepreneur might do. She locked herself […]

10 Commandments for Successful Entrepreneurs

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I know that look. It’s a combination of fatigue and alarm. My friend had come from another day of fighting in the trenches of marketplace warfare. The customer demands, cash limitations, staffing challenges, technical glitches, along with ‘life’ (though technically entrepreneurs don’t have lives) begged for couch time, beach time or both.

3 Leadership Skills Only Learned the Hard Way

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Some lessons and skills can only be learned the hard way. Making sure the projector bulbs work before that big presentation is one. Withholding your wardrobe opinions with your wife is another. Making sure you bring your phone charger on a trip another. There are also a few serious lessons that effective leaders must learn […]