How to Survive Startup Vertigo

Systems to the Rescue


I’ve been in somewhat of a sales slump lately. It began when I shifted my coaching practice to a predominantly online business model.   To be honest I’ve enjoyed making and taking the time to write and create.  It’s one of those necessary ‘must do’ kinds of work for me – life giving and gratifying. […]

How to Stay in Business for 70 Years or More

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If there were a business equivalent of six pack abs, one such flat belly might surprise you. Dunkin’ Donuts.* I know. Using “six pack abs” and “donuts” in the same sentence is a little strange. But regardless of how Dunkin’ fits within your health regimen, this brand has maintained a fitness level that is legendary. […]

What Top Professionals Know That Amateurs Seem To Forget

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There is an old proverb that says ‘The sluggard does not plow in the autumn; he will seek at harvest and have nothing.’ The significance of this pithy jewel is well known to those in the agriculture industry. Plowing in the autumn enriches the soil making way for a good yield in the next crop. […]

5 Disciplines of Tool Savvy Managers.

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In the classic hit comedy “Home Improvement”, Tim “The Toolman” Taylor is the unassuming though accident-prone tool ‘expert’ on a “how to” show whose main punchlines often involve klutsey ‘fails’. I can identify.  I’m really not a handyman. Changing the light bulbs at the top of our stairs requires – in my experience – mountain climbing gear plus a quick check […]