How to Improve Your Working Memory

Overcoming Personal and Organizational Forgetfulness

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I can sometimes be so forgetful that I wonder to myself if something is wrong with me. The next room, the next sentence, the next mouse click all can be no match for my absent-mindedness. I’ve learned though that I’m in good company. Being forgetful can happen to all of us at any age and […]

Two Must-Have Types of Motivation Every Employee Craves

And Why the Carrot and Stick Fall Short.

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One of the things I sometimes see in my coaching practice is a poor grasp of how people are motivated to do what needs to be done in the business.  As a result, business leaders can sometimes have a single threaded way of “motivating” their team members that can actually be de-motivating at best, and downright […]

How to Stay in Business for 70 Years or More

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If there were a business equivalent of six pack abs, one such flat belly might surprise you. Dunkin’ Donuts.* I know. Using “six pack abs” and “donuts” in the same sentence is a little strange. But regardless of how Dunkin’ fits within your health regimen, this brand has maintained a fitness level that is legendary. […]

Three Ways Effective Leaders Battle Resistance

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Three weeks into a new year the pathways to yonder goals are littered with stranded wayfarers who have fallen off the new years resolution wagon. Many turn back to their places of comfort. Others will stumble along the path for some time still. Some may even try to run and catch back up. For most, […]