Every Successful Leader Has This One Kind of Friend

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My buddy sat across the table from me listening patiently, his head cocked to one side while making a few scribbles on his yellow pad as I talked. A project I was working on had stalled, and I was in no small state of consternation about why it refused to find it’s higher gear. Our coffee time […]

8 Traits of an Effective CEO Group

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As a leader, have you ever committed to something you regretted within days? Only to find a graceful exit more complicated than you’d like? Most local business leaders belong to a number of organizations. Civic groups, social organizations, professional associations, networking groups, charitable boards, school and religious committee’s to name a few. There are many […]

From Conflict to Community: 5 Leadership Principles

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“Get ready for a fight!”  At least that’s what my lower brain was suggesting. I could feel the adrenaline rush. Another “stupid idea” had surfaced and it was time to pounce on it before somebody got hurt. Namely me. But the words that followed from my boss at the time changed everything. He said something like “I realize this is […]

Beautifully Off-Key

I visited a church recently.  As the service began, I quickly became annoyed by the woman right behind me.  It was her singing – which sounded like an alien whale sipping on a vinegar slushy.  And it was right in my ear.  I really don’t know if she was tone deaf because she never stayed […]