A Lasting Legacy From a Family Business

On the passing of local business leader Jim Wakefield

Legacy, Leadership, Succession Planning, Family Business

We had traded emails for several months; weeks sometimes passing between each.   The laborious prospecting for clients of my newly established coaching practice had finally yielded a coffee time with a reasonably interested candidate. Greeting Jim Wakefield and shaking his hand was enough to realize he was no stranger to hard work.  His rough […]

3 Effective Principles for Re-Entry After a Vacation

From Cold Start to Contagious Productivity

mindset, creativity, getting things done, focus, work, career

As the sun rises on your first workday of 2016 the hope and promise of a new year is staring us right in the face. Many of us are coming off an extended holiday with much in the way of food, fun, family and various work-avoidant activities. Re-entry can be tough. Especially after an extended […]

The Single Most Important Decision for the Start of Every Week

Working on Stuff? Working Toward Something?

behavior, focus, getting things done, habit, mindset, Time Management, work

This Monday morning you’ll have an opportunity to make an important decision regarding how you will spend your time and attention this week. The outcome of that decision could be the greatest single influence on your overall productivity, satisfaction and results when the week draws to a close roughly 100 hours from now.

7 Make-or-Break Steps to an Actionable Strategic Plan

strategic planning, business building, business coaching, getting things done, entrepreneurship

One of the many bloggers that I follow is John Jantsch, whose Duct Tape Marketing often provides helpful insights on marketing for the small business community.  He holds this spot-on perspective about strategic planning and small business – saying “…small business owners would love to have a three-year and five-year plan, but the reality is we often […]

4 Leadership Disciplines for Finishing Strong!

entrepreneurship, focus, getting things done, focus, leadership development, time and attention, business building

With two months remaining in 2014 we are coming into the home stretch of what has been a year with whom many would describe their relationship as “it’s complicated.” For some business leaders it’s been the best of times. For others it’s been the worst of times. But it’s not over yet. There are still […]