Focus For Unfocused Entrepreneurs

What friends and family ask most often

It’s been six months since my last post.  That can make it difficult to focus in on what to write next. It’s quite a long time in the Land of Bloggingham. My last post caused me to stop and recalibrate the direction of this blog, my coaching business, and my entrepreneurial life. I’m an abstract […]

Not a Lazy Man’s Book

More on the lifelong journey of spiritual formation

For close to 30 years I’ve had an early morning routine of reading, journaling, prayer and contemplation.  It is my go-to disposition, my place of mindful and spiritual repose. The Christian bible has been the centerpiece of that morning feast most of that time.  One would think by now I would have a certain level […]

What To Do When The Demands Overwhelm The Work

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Recently my wife had one of those days in her business where the demands of customers, employees, vendors, and daughters reached a crescendo of overwhelm.  Like dogs at the kennel, several urgent matters blended into a reverberating chorus of barks. It was then she did what any normal, healthy entrepreneur might do. She locked herself […]

8 Traits of an Effective CEO Group

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As a leader, have you ever committed to something you regretted within days? Only to find a graceful exit more complicated than you’d like? Most local business leaders belong to a number of organizations. Civic groups, social organizations, professional associations, networking groups, charitable boards, school and religious committee’s to name a few. There are many […]

How Effective Leaders Create Healthy Meeting Cultures

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Most of us have a love/hate relationship with meetings. A few really weird people like them. They often grow up to become CEO’s. I find myself leaning towards the perspective of Dave Barry whose unintended leadership quote went something like: “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has […]