Solopreneurship: The Most Overlooked Career Paradigm For Seniors

Today I turn 55.  And it has been bugging me for the past week.  Fifty-five is when things begin to happen to people.  From the eyes to the toes, to parts in between, things seem to lose some of their youthfulness. It’s the age when the government considers you a senior citizen.  I don’t know […]

Locked Out of Your Own Heart?

Regaining Access to Your Interior World When Looking for Lasting Change

For the life of me I couldn’t unlock that lock. Several times I used the combination I myself had set.  After all it was my lock.  I put it there. The lock was on a storage unit containing inventory and fixtures for our business.  After numerous combination attempts, it became obvious that none of us […]

My Greatest Leadership Training: a MomBA

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I have many great memories of my mom. She was an educator and administrator by profession, and clearly a teacher and mentor at heart. She cared immensely about helping people learn how to learn, and connected with them in ways that made learning transformational as opposed to merely academic. Many of the basic lessons of […]

3 Stress-Busting Mindsets of Effective Leaders.

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As an engineering student during the heyday of the US Space Shuttle program, I learned some valuable leadership lessons as we studied the program. For example, the shuttle was designed with two key stress events in mind – maximum aerodynamic stress during ascent, and maximum thermodynamic stress during re-entry. If something would go bad wrong, […]

Beautifully Off-Key

I visited a church recently.  As the service began, I quickly became annoyed by the woman right behind me.  It was her singing – which sounded like an alien whale sipping on a vinegar slushy.  And it was right in my ear.  I really don’t know if she was tone deaf because she never stayed […]