Locked Out of Your Own Heart?

Regaining Access to Your Interior World When Looking for Lasting Change

For the life of me I couldn’t unlock that lock. Several times I used the combination I myself had set.  After all it was my lock.  I put it there. The lock was on a storage unit containing inventory and fixtures for our business.  After numerous combination attempts, it became obvious that none of us […]

Grace to Work. Opportunity to Love.

"I worked harder than any of them, though it was not I, but the grace of God that is with me.” 1 Cor. 15:10

Mindset, Faith, Work

Monday mornings remind me of an important vocational reality – our very capacity to work is a God-given grace. Our focus, attention, drive and ambition, the wisdom and skill, motivation and opportunities – all of it coming at his creative, sustaining hand and for His sovereign purposes. If there was one thing that I see […]

Not a Lazy Man’s Book

More on the lifelong journey of spiritual formation

For close to 30 years I’ve had an early morning routine of reading, journaling, prayer and contemplation.  It is my go-to disposition, my place of mindful and spiritual repose. The Christian bible has been the centerpiece of that morning feast most of that time.  One would think by now I would have a certain level […]

Beautifully Off-Key

I visited a church recently.  As the service began, I quickly became annoyed by the woman right behind me.  It was her singing – which sounded like an alien whale sipping on a vinegar slushy.  And it was right in my ear.  I really don’t know if she was tone deaf because she never stayed […]

New Wine, New Wineskins and New Years Resolutions

It’s now the third week of a new year, and very likely a few of us have already compromised a new years resolution or two.  I’m holding on just barely.  Hostess Ding Dongs are on sale at the grocery – 2/$5.00.  It’s brutal.  But for today, I’m remaining steadfast. There is one simple reason why new years resolutions often […]