How to Survive Startup Vertigo

Systems to the Rescue


I’ve been in somewhat of a sales slump lately. It began when I shifted my coaching practice to a predominantly online business model.   To be honest I’ve enjoyed making and taking the time to write and create.  It’s one of those necessary ‘must do’ kinds of work for me – life giving and gratifying. […]

One Way Your Sales Process Could Leave a Bitter Aftertaste

Two purchases I made recently reminded me of an important sales dynamic.  One that even the best of sales processes can sometimes neglect. Both purchases were things I needed at some point in time.  Yet neither purchase was one I had been looking to make right then.  There were simply other more pressing matters on […]

The Simple Truth About Systems

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I recently had lunch with a friend who leads student ministries for a local humongo-church.  Leading a large ministry of this kind is no small task, with hundreds of students and therefore roughly 27,683,000 glands introducing themselves at any given moment.  That’s a lot of saliva, sweat and hormones to deal with.  In my opinion it requires a […]