How to Boss-Up Without Being Bossy

A Vital Skill For Management Effectiveness

Elizabeth’s anger and frustration were apparent.  It was also justifiable.  A few employees had just been discovered taking small liberties with inventory.  They were using very poor judgement at best and stealing at worst. The team members worked hard and brought a lot to the business.  So the gravity of the moment pulled heavily on Elizabeth, and she […]

Two Must-Have Types of Motivation Every Employee Craves

And Why the Carrot and Stick Fall Short.

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One of the things I sometimes see in my coaching practice is a poor grasp of how people are motivated to do what needs to be done in the business.  As a result, business leaders can sometimes have a single threaded way of “motivating” their team members that can actually be de-motivating at best, and downright […]

How Effective Leaders Create Healthy Meeting Cultures

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Most of us have a love/hate relationship with meetings. A few really weird people like them. They often grow up to become CEO’s. I find myself leaning towards the perspective of Dave Barry whose unintended leadership quote went something like: “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has […]

From Conflict to Community: 5 Leadership Principles

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“Get ready for a fight!”  At least that’s what my lower brain was suggesting. I could feel the adrenaline rush. Another “stupid idea” had surfaced and it was time to pounce on it before somebody got hurt. Namely me. But the words that followed from my boss at the time changed everything. He said something like “I realize this is […]

Why Superheroes Can Make Lousy Leaders

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I heard a new rendition of an old joke recently. An ultra high paid professional athlete is on a flight without his seatbelt fastened when the flight attendant walks up and reminds him the captain has not yet turned off the seatbelt sign. True to his overconfident self, the athlete retorts, “I’m Superman, and Superman […]

What Top Talent Wants From Every Employer

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A client recently made an offhand comment about a former employer that I found amusing and sad at the same time. In discussing strategies for recruiting and selecting top talent, he quipped about the challenge that business faced in finding talent period.  He said half the qualified people in the local market had previously worked […]