The Single Most Important Decision for the Start of Every Week

Working on Stuff? Working Toward Something?

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This Monday morning you’ll have an opportunity to make an important decision regarding how you will spend your time and attention this week. The outcome of that decision could be the greatest single influence on your overall productivity, satisfaction and results when the week draws to a close roughly 100 hours from now.

What To Do When The Demands Overwhelm The Work

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Recently my wife had one of those days in her business where the demands of customers, employees, vendors, and daughters reached a crescendo of overwhelm.  Like dogs at the kennel, several urgent matters blended into a reverberating chorus of barks. It was then she did what any normal, healthy entrepreneur might do. She locked herself […]

Why Some Entrepreneurs Are Almost Always More Productive

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If productivity were an olympic sport, some entrepreneurs would be clear medal contenders. They spend their time in targeted, intentional ways with the aim to get things done. Yet their strategies for getting there can vary widely. A part of Richard Branson’s strategy is to workout, saying physical exercise gives him up to four more hours […]

10 Strategies for Rejuvenating Vacations

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One of my favorite movies is Vacation with Chevy Chase.  We have been the Griswold’s on more than one occasion with the unreasonable expectations, family qwerks and memorable experiences – some good and some not. Each year I make mental notes of what to do and what not to do next time.  And each year I repeat many of the vacation […]