Locked Out of Your Own Heart?

Regaining Access to Your Interior World When Looking for Lasting Change

For the life of me I couldn’t unlock that lock. Several times I used the combination I myself had set.  After all it was my lock.  I put it there. The lock was on a storage unit containing inventory and fixtures for our business.  After numerous combination attempts, it became obvious that none of us […]

SXSW: What I Learned From a Conference I Didn’t Actually Attend

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The returns are coming in from #SXSW15 (South by Southwest 2015) – the annual gathering of creatives, techies, brainies, groupies, suits, hippies, and puppies (see inset). And that’s just for starters. As a very present gathering of very future oriented thinkers, SXSW does not disappoint in affirming that we live in an ‘all swim’ age […]

10 Commandments for Successful Entrepreneurs

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I know that look. It’s a combination of fatigue and alarm. My friend had come from another day of fighting in the trenches of marketplace warfare. The customer demands, cash limitations, staffing challenges, technical glitches, along with ‘life’ (though technically entrepreneurs don’t have lives) begged for couch time, beach time or both.

3 Leadership Skills Only Learned the Hard Way

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Some lessons and skills can only be learned the hard way. Making sure the projector bulbs work before that big presentation is one. Withholding your wardrobe opinions with your wife is another. Making sure you bring your phone charger on a trip another. There are also a few serious lessons that effective leaders must learn […]

Why Declaring Independence Does Not Guarantee Freedom

Leadership lessons from a post-1776 nation

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I recently ran into a friend who had taken the plunge about a year ago to start his own business.  Having worked in the corporate world for most of his 15-year career, he had grown weary of corporate bureaucracy, what he perceived to be management incompetence, and waning opportunity for advancement. What had been a dream […]