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Brad Hobbs

Not my full story

Preparation can take you far.

Practice can take you even further.

But a little perspective can take you the distance.

This is (part of) My Story

Admittedly, I have an eclectic background.

If I were to ever try to summarize it on a simple resume the words would fight each other!  So I gave up on resumes’ many years ago.

Trained as an engineer, I received degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.

That ought to tell you something right there.  I often have a difficult time making up my mind what I want to do in life.

Starting out after college I did spend ten years with IBM.  It was a nice place to visit, but really didn’t want to live there.

So in the summer of 1994 we loaded up the truck and we moved to Tennessee.  Knoxville, that is.  Swimming pools.  Movie stars.  We did a reverse Beverly Hillbillies.

I led business development for a Motorola technology start-up that went on to a successful IPO on the NASDAQ Exchange.

Over the next ten years I was involved in several entrepreneurial ventures.  Much like you are involved in a hit and run.  Fortunately I had a little career insurance.

Leaving the world of high tech, I created a company that designed and imported of architectural art glass from China beginning in the fall of 2000.  During this time I worked with some of the foremost designers of art glass in the US whom a respect immensely.

I have traveled extensively in Asia, and have deep family ties to Vietnam (our two youngest of five children (grown) are from Soc Trang and Danang).

In the third decade of my career, I had to repent of most of it.  So I entered full-time ministry.  Between time as an elder and then as a pastor for my church, I ended up thinking more about myself than my God.   I did

So I left that.  By now you see why the resume was less and less important to me.

My reality was I had been long ago embraced by a sense of calling to help people find the redemptive purposes of their lives and work in “the other six days” of the week.

And for me personally, that works best in an entrepreneurial environment where I can not only be the boss, but worry about how I’m going to meet payroll for a team of eleven superstars every few weeks.

If forced to declare a major nowadays, I’d say I’m an entrepreneur, coach, writer, and a God-fearing man.

I traffic in humor – especially when it’s funny – and invite myself into most opportunities for a pun.  I am addicted to substance in conversation, and roll my eyes at most things I encounter through the media…mainstream or not.

I married my high school sweetheart Judy shortly after high school.  That was a long time ago. Together we have five children and six grandchildren.  We also together own a small ‘mom-n-pop’ boutique retail shop in the Farragut community of Knoxville, TN.

While I do have an eclectic array of interests, I consider myself to be a contemplative, enjoying reading and writing whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The mountains of East TN provide a perfect environment for that sport.

You may reach out to me via email at

The Business is Personal paradigm is a framework boundaried by four things that work together for entrepreneurial vitality. 

Business Development.  

Leadership Development.  

Team Development.  

Faith Development


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