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This Monday morning you’ll have an opportunity to make an important decision regarding how you will spend your time and attention this week.

The outcome of that decision could be the greatest single influence on your overall productivity, satisfaction and results when the week draws to a close roughly 100 hours from now.

Two Different Mindsets

The decision is this – will you spend your time merely working on stuff, or mindfully working toward something?

Big, hairy, audacious difference.

If you chose (or let yourself get sucked into) the “working on stuff” mode, you might get stuff done which is important. Absolutely necessary in fact. But will that stuff be what truly needs to get done to advance the cause, materialize the dream, and provide true benefit to your little corner of the world?

Will it have represented the best and highest use of your time? Will it have been working toward something that is tangible, defined, and sought after?

Or will it just be you doing stuff because your suppose to? Because it is your job?  Or because it’s staring at you on your to-do list?

Contrast that to working toward something where you are mindful of every hour and the opportunity for difference-making effort and outcomes that move you and your team toward a goal, a win, and a true benefit to someone other than yourself.

A Subtle Shift in Focus

That right there is probably the crux of the difference.

Work on stuff is mainly, mostly about me. My job. Getting my stuff done. Working toward something is mainly, mostly about others. The benefit to them. Doing stuff for them.

Do you see the subtle shift in focus?

It reminds me that the best way to love someone, to make a difference in your world, to do something redemptive in your sphere of work, is in whatever you do…carry the mindset that it is not about you, but about those with whom you work and for whom the benefits will accrue.

That could be your customers, your co-workers, your boss, or a cause of some kind. It doesn’t matter so long as the focus is not on you, but on someone or something other than yourself.

Worth a Pause and a Ponder

This small nuance in your mindset could change the chemistry of your work if you practice it. And every Monday morning presents itself with just that opportunity.

A friend once told me – ponder the path of your feet, then all your ways will be sure. That sure seems to make sense. So just for a moment, pause and consider the question.

Will you merely work on stuff this week? Or will you work wholeheartedly toward something?

You are the one person who can make that call…and the one person who can make a difference by how you choose to orient your time and attention as you work.

It could well be the single most important decision of your whole week.

As you move into your week, I’d love to know how it goes!

Make Life Count