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The Chicago Cubs pulled off their long-sought historic World Series Championship this week.  Stories of this young teams crescendo have been flooding the water cooler zone all week long. I’ll show you later on how this has a lot to do with your personal success formula.

By the time the tenth inning rolled around Wednesday night it felt like even half of Cleveland might have well been pulling for the Cinderella win.

There is something about a Cinderella story that captivates, motivates and inspires.

No doubt the blogosphere is pulsating with 3 Lessons, 5 Observations, 7 Principles that will be picked off this victory as proficiently as Kyle Hendricks timely pickoffs at 1B.

To join in this celebratory principle-izing, I’ll share the one thing that stands out the most to me.  And it might well be worth tweeting.

Behind every big win, is a big heart.

This is the story of a group of guys with big hearts, working hard to play together as a big team in the big leagues, seeking to thwart an alleged big curse against winning the big one.

This is clearly the bigs, skippy.

Regardless of whether you believe in curses of that kind, things like that do create their own constant supply of head trash over time.  This one had become the David and Goliath of head trash.

It’s an archetype for most any kind of success.   It also demonstrates that every great success we see on the outside had it’s origins in small things we can’t see on the inside.

Success is an inside-out thing.

Much too often we get so wrapped up in the external appearances of success – the money, cars, lifestyle, titles, zip code. We fail to see what really goes on that looks more like drudgery and failure than it does victory.

Success is often not so attractive in the making because it usually follows a long succession of repeated attempts that end in failure.

Success is Personal.

Much more personal than we think.  Every business, every career, every life and every event or game within life must find those things that uniquely come together in a systematic way to accomplish goals, and yield the desired outcomes.

It can be very empowering to realize that anyone can find success who is willing to embrace just how personal success must be.  Your success does not have to be my success and vice versa.  Any top professional knows that.  And they play their game – the one they’ve developed that builds on their personal success formula.

It begins in the heart, long before it get’s on the playing field. Or in the office.  Or in the classroom.  Or at the dinner table.

But it is very hush-hush that success is really found by following things that originate and formulate in the heart, and not by the external things we see on the outside.

We would do well to ponder that.

Because when success is elusive, going back to the heart of things is the only way to understand what needs to change.  Sometimes it may even be our very definitions of success.

When success does happen, it might be good to understand what can be repeated and reproduced in others.  It becomes a wonderful way to give forward and give back.

What is your personal success formula?

At every level organizations, teams, families, individuals have an opportunity to discover their own unique and personal success formulae.  Literally, the heart behind their success.

Beyond following the principles, the formulas and the recipes to glory that can be a dime-a-dozen, we can land on those things that from the inside-out will produce the big-hearted wins in our own lives.

Because we all need a good Cinderella story at one time or another.

Make Life Count