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The first three chapters of the Book of Proverbs are perhaps the most meaningful morsels of wisdom in the entire Christian Bible.

I keep a standing appointment with them at the beginning of every month.

Slowly over three days, in the early morning hours, Proverbs 1, 2 and 3 join me for coffee conversation.

They are uniquely rich conversations that provoke, encourage, and never disappoint.  These ancient deposits of living minerals run long and deep with much to talk about.

Sometimes it’s a hint of God’s personality and brilliance; sometimes a rich commentary on current events. Other times it’s a much-too-personal exhortation of my thought-life and behavior amidst a trial or conflict.

They are wise yet accessible; provocative yet present. They are the epitome of truth and grace.

My time with them has provided immense reinforcement for my life journey in faith, hope, and love.  It’s as if they are a veritable conversation with the one they call Jesus in later parts of that same Bible.

Because of the unique character of the conversation I am able to lose the tendency to grade myself or fear the future – if but for a moment.  But that’s long enough to be reminded those things are not what a spiritual journey is about.  It’s simply about the daily practice of living with bigger things in mind than just myself, my fears, and my ‘grades’.

So I once again remove the rickety props of my own limited understanding of this life and this world.  In exchange, I’m offered a much superior perspective than mine on the genesis of wisdom, understanding, and the things that bring life into a world full of death.

After our visits, I always feel rejuvenated with hope and a sense of abiding promise.

I’ll keep those monthly appointments on my calendar for as long as I am able to show up.

Make Life Count