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Most areas of the continental US enjoy parts of every season. One of the reasons we enjoy Knoxville so much is the robust sampling of each.

Often by the end of one season, we begin to be ready for the next.

For example right about now the thought of a weekend in the mid-90’s is not at all as appealing as it was back in February.

But there is one thing I’ve learned about seasons.

Our mindset regarding them can make all the difference in how we experience them.

That goes for business and commerce, as well as climates and communities. Because in case you’ve forgotten, business is very much seasonal.

A business can enjoy those warmer seasons of abundance and harvest. They also will experience the austere times of flatness and contraction.

Every market summer of gains ultimately has to be met with a market winter of consolidations. It’s never a matter of if, but when. With proper planning and diligence, every period of pull-back can prepare you for advances and new seasons of growth.

It all depends on upon your mindset.

Are you tracking the seasons of your business?

Do you anticipate them? Plan for them? And systematically cultivate the agility necessary to respond to them like a Scandinavian responds to the freeze?

It’s a worthy question to ask yourself – both on an organizational and personal/professional level.

If you live long enough you’ll understand what it’s like to have a vocational winter. But live even longer, and you’ll know the joy of a spring season of renewed vigor and growth where you never thought it could happen again.

With seasons, our mindset regarding them can make all the difference in how we experience them.

As you move along the route through which you ship value to our world, be sure to incorporate these three questions into your reflective times.

  1. Understand – What season am I in?
  2. Anticipate – What season might be next?
  3. Plan – How can I best prepare for that next season to happen then while remaining fully engaged in the one I’m in now?

The future sometimes has a tendency of knifing it’s way into our lives unexpectedly. Whether we see it coming or not, the savviest way still is learning how to be ready in season and out of season.

Seeking how to flourish in them all.

Make Life Count