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Unique to the Christian faith is something called The Gospel.
It simply stands for “good news.”

It is simple news to give but not necessarily easy news to take.
Because it relies on understanding what makes it ‘good’, and what makes it ‘news’.

The world has many opinions these days about what constitutes both.

Until this “good news” transcends what the world projects to be good, and argues to be news, it will be neither.

At best it is treated as fake news.  Even worse, it’s treated as no news at all.

If it is co-opted by the whims of social and political theory or the reaches of earthly power and wealth, it becomes diluted of the very thing that makes it penultimately good and newsworthy.

The real thing becomes obscured by the dust clouds of its handlers all clamoring for ownership of its glory.

Tragically in the process The Gospel becomes entombed in the museum of hazy ideas where it’s former glory is held by fewer and fewer curators of wisdom, hope, and life.

So it’s worth pausing to consider if what we Christians are vending is indeed transcendently good beyond the best which can be produced by our vast natural resources, or immanently newsworthy at the core of its being.

Will it direct humankind beyond ourselves to Something or Someone so beautiful, wise and powerful that not even the most brilliant minds and mouths could improve upon it?

The news is truly newsworthy when it contains storylines beyond the earthly characters who make it.

Good is genuine goodness when it contains an underlying dynamic that holds its goodness even amidst the most nuanced of interpretations. It will simply be recognized as good.

That kind of good news rightfully reflects The Gospel, standing alone as an injection of a much-needed hope into a seriously ailing world.


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