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Blame is in vogue these days.

If it were a stock, it’s price would be trading at an all-time high.

People love to use it. It is freely available. And its future supply and demand are almost assured.

We blame the officials for a bad call, the weather for our disappointing turnout and the opposing party for the woes of our nation. I recently suggested closet shrinkage as the likely culprit for my tight pants.

We assign blame to anything that crosses our will or threatens our life. Sometimes the blame is spot on and valid. Other times is completely delusional and possibly even sinister. Often its accuracy is simply unclear and uncertain.

Which is one reason blame is not what it’s cracked up to be.

Blame is fast becoming the opiate of the human will – a commodity we desperately need less of.  It is used as a tool to force fix a conflict. It is drawn as a weapon to preempt the potential downfall of a dream. It’s taken as an elixir to medicate the pain we feel.

The myth is that so long as we can assign blame a solution is right around the corner.

We are kidding ourselves if we think that to be true.

In reality, blame is a very weak and ineffective solution provider. It is downright dangerous as a single source of remedy to ills of the world. In fact blaming carries more killing potential than handguns, drugs and Little Debbie snack cakes combined.

The ultimate victims are those who use it the most.

Blame never works because it keeps us from the one real thing that we have at our disposal – responsibility.

Blame and responsibility are two vastly different things when it comes to righting the wrongs in our life.  We will find new ways to be responsible only to the extent we eliminate the old ways of relying on blame.

Only then will we discover the true remedies to the problems we face both personally and professionally in any facet of life.


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