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We are at a disadvantage in our daily pursuits to the extent what we do is done expecting immediate results.

Sometimes the results we desire take a long time in the making.

Having a product or idea go viral is the latest form of overnight success.  But maybe it’s not such a good idea to take our cues from something otherwise used to denote the movement of disease.

Maybe a better metaphor for results worth pursuing could take its cues from something that denotes the movement of cures.

What kind of change might that bring to our creativity, work, and relationships?

Sometimes in the chase to make something go viral, we end up concocting something that becomes unhealthy.  But in patiently working over a period of time, we end up creating something that becomes vital.  Regardless of whether we work for a cure or a cause, a resolution or a solution, a deal or a dance.

Historically, the best ideas ever discovered were a long time in the making.

The better our attunement to the deeper longlasting kinds of success, the more our heart and soul can participate in ways that are not at cross purposes with our character and causes.

It might not take your breath away, but it could well put wind in your sails.

Make Life Count