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In our day’s work journey toward corporate greatness (even if your work is at home) I find one recurring challenge that is the proverbial fly in the ointment.

We the people have to deal with us the humans.

It’s like a friend sometimes joked – “this job would be fun if it weren’t for the people.”  He was a minister.

Everyone wears a mask of some kind…or hides behind an imagined version of themselves to some degree.  It might be one of dominating power or of sullen defeat.  It might even change from day to day based on how it’s going.

But we usually project onto the world a version of ourselves that is fabricated and measured.   To the extent we do so, we forget an important thing.

Greatness always happens through mere humans.

It’s where we allow the mythical world of perfected humanity to dominate our imaginations that we can hoist onto ourselves an equally mythical world of our defeating limitations.

Caricatures become the norm in our minds.  We lose perspective on what and who show up to work each day.

Humans.  People.  Just like you and me.

It’s Not About You as The Great One

But what if we were to realize that in fact our greatness and glory does not require us to be somebody we are not.  Rather our greatness and glory arrives in moments that we might least expect…and to which we are least aware.

Maybe that is even a prerequisite for greatness and glory – that we forget about it.  Completely.  Stop chasing it, obsessing with it and imagining it – twirling it around in our heads like taffy on a pull.

Looking for greatness can be like looking at a star.  The more you look straight at it and focus on just that star, the more likely it will disappear as the tiny image overwhelms the small number of rod cells in the center of the retina.  Thus the star appears to vanish.

We don’t become great by looking for greatness.

Rather greatness happens when we cease trying to capture our own greatness for ourselves, and simply seek to do great work as mere humans for the benefit of others.

We become a part of something great that does great things the more we cease focusing on ourselves at all – be it our greatness or our grotesqueness, our pleasure or our pain.

Greatness happens not by resumes nor through projections, avatars or mythical characters of fantastic feats or failures.

It happens through people.  Just like you and me.  Doing things that happen to be great, the more it becomes about others…and not ourselves.

Make Life Count