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In the pursuit of every goal, every resolution, every dream or ambition for the coming year, the one reliable constant is the reality of a creator God who is transcendent of them all.

There is not one single desire, not one simple wish, neither a worthy mission nor a hearty intention that has not been laid across his soul by the earnest supplication of someone before us.

Your desires for 2018 are very familiar to God.

Just as His soul is well acquainted with yours, whether you realize, believe or accept it.

We are familiar to God even when we are not familiar with God.

That’s why in the coming year allowing His familiarity to speak to you, direct you and associate with you makes perfect sense as you set about doing something for yourself, others and the world.

Doing 2018 together is the best approach we could possibly take. The conversations that ensue could well surprise you in transforming ways.


Make Life Count